The people who are new to use the CB radio are having the big question about the radio range and the FCC regulations.  Answer this question difficult because in cab based trucks used radios the range of radio will change very frequently. the range of radio depends on the day of the week, the time of day, whether there are traffic accidents or detours, and what route you take to get from one side to the other.

There are many impacts on the CB radio range. For an expel you can able to get about 1-2 miles per foot of length by using your cab antenna when all other factors are configured well on your radio. A quick rule about the radio ranges id the thumb which normally is within the range if you see the person who is trying to communicate with the frequency.

Some of the main features which affecting the radio range is listed and explained below,

  • CB Radio Power Output,
  • Location and Environment,
  • Radio variables,

CB Radio Power Output:

The FCC permits to get a maximum of 4 watts of output power for the cab based radios to eliminate the unwanted signals with other devices like TV, mobile phones, and emergency communication radios.

The CB radio power out differs for every company because the manufacturer can be fined for putting out a radio with more power so that they can produce output values between the range of 3 to 4 watts and in sometimes it may be about only 2 watts.

Tunning is an important operation which is done in all kind of radios to achieve the scanning of new channels. This tunning on your radio will help you to get the maximum power output in your radio.

Location and environment:

The range of the radio is found out largely based on the location where you are using it. For example when you will achieve longer transmit ranges and receives the radio ranges higher then the usual range it means that your traveling or near to the place which can able to transfer high rate of signal like, mountains.

On the other hand, If you are winding via a heavily wooded valley lined with rock walls, you may able to get only less frequency range of signals by using your CB radio. The certainty with traveling vehicles can be achieved by tracking the signals of the previous vehicle Radio signals.

Radio variables:

The basic design of the radio has includes the sensitivity of the receiver and the operations of the squelch are having great effects on the radio ranges. So that when you are buying a new radio for your cab, try to get a radio with a manual squelch.

because with a squelch you can easily change the density level of your CB radio to adjust for the different strength signals.So that you can get signals form farther away from its source by using a manual squelch levels.